Everyone is Invited to Visit Historic Cold Springs School during the Annual the Sumner County Tourism - Historic Site Kickoff

The Kickoff Date is April 6, 2019

Cold Springs School will be open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

HRHS members will be on site to provide tours and to share the rich history of the historic old school.

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The Highland Rim Historical Society has identified 22 teachers who taught at the Cold Springs School over the years.

1. W.T McGlothlin-1866


2. Jim Blaine-1868


3. Polk McGlothlin-1871-1872


4. Tom West-1886-1887


5. Annie Smith-1900


6. Liza Piper-1902-1903


7. Emma Staggs-1907


8. Bertha Anthony-1908


9.  Geneva Crenshaw-1909


10. Kate Wehmes-1910-1911


11. Ruby Lane-1912


12. Moore Hobdy-1913


13. Nannie Roney-1914-1915


14. Maude Austin


15. Louise Bunch-1917


16. Ruth Roark-1918


17. Nellie Payne


18. Erline Duer-1919


19. Eula Williams-1920


20. Hattie Deasy-1921-1926


21. Viola Walters-1926-1928


22. Belle Walden-1928-1933